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The one-person operation and the missed business opportunities

On the road and frequently on building sites, Wayne Jerome of Creative Eye Property Maintenance needed a solution to ensure that he no longer missed incoming phone calls.

Now armed with a multi-functional phone number, incoming phone calls seek Mr Jerome out at three separate answering points: the office, the mobile and the home. If the call is still unanswered, it is diverted to a message bank and the voicemail is delivered to Mr Jerome's email inbox as an audio file. He can then check messages from his PC in the office or at home. Faxes are also delivered via this number to Mr Jerome's email inbox as PDF or TIFF files and he can also send faxes from his email inbox.

In addition to being cost effective, Mr Jerome has also been able to reduce the operating costs associated with owning a fax machine and the consumables (toner and paper) that go with it. He also enjoys the accuracy that comes with having all his business exchanges contained in the one place: his Laptop which he can access inside or outside the office.

The 24 hour customer service team

McLaren International provide hotels with technology solutions for their guests. McLaren wanted to control the way in which out of hours calls were managed by their support staff. It was not an ideal situation to have support engineers servicing clients having been awoken by their call at three o'clock in the morning.

The main advantage is not receiving cold calls from clients to McLaren mobile phones. Previously, engineers on support received calls diverted from the main number to their mobile anytime. There was no control over when we received the call, says Matt Watson.

Now that we divert through Icommo, clients leave a voice message and an SMS alert is delivered. We check the voice message either online as an audio file or by phoning into the Icommo number. We can always access the messages. We then evaluate the level of importance and respond accordingly.

The added advantage for McLaren is that they can keep an accurate record of out of hours client service history and call details for billing reference.

Not only is the solution cost effective, it has become a necessity for after hours support. In fact, it is a support tool that is needed to operate now and in the future, says Watson.

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