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A virtual phone number to reduce phone line rental charges for voice and fax communications.

No more....

  • + Fixed lines
  • + Busy phone lines
  • + Missed calls
  • + Line rental fees
  • + Fax machine

Virtual Solution

One number for all your phone numbers with smart automatic call foward features.

Why Icommo?

  • Guarantee service
  • Local support
  • Reliable service
  • Quick set up

 Icommo delivering to business since 2003.

Reduce phone line rental fees

The One Number Contact Service allows you to lower monthly telephone charges by avoiding traditional fixed line local phone rental charges for voice and fax communications.

One business phone number for all your phone numbers

A virtual phone number that can find you on your mobile phone, office line, or home line. If you are unavailable a voicemail message will be recorded.

Linking voice and fax communications to your email

One Number Contact Service includes a range of unified messaging features that connect your voicemail to email and faxes to email. This makes it an easier way to access voice and fax messages inside or outside the office.

Automated call forwarding features

Using the Follow Me or immediate divert function you automatically call forward to your mobile phone or office line. The call forward functions can alternate through the day with time-of-day routing function.

Reliable business grade service

The Icommo unified communication network has built-in redundancy providing an extremely reliable network uptime of 99.9%. Icommo has been delivering business grade service with service level guarantees for over 8 years.

Guaranteed service & local support

At Icommo we pride ourselves on our level of support and service to assist clients. Our dedicated team has years of experience and is focused on delivering superior services via phone or email.

Quality of Service

The Icommo One Number Contact Service is a high quality service that does not depend on your data connection (level of broadband) or any IP hardware to maintain quality of service for voice calls.

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One Number Contact Service

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