For application developers a fax,voice, and SMS gateway.

Make your applications fax, voice and SMS smart.


Voice, Fax and SMS APIs

Icommo allows you to build applications that can easily receive and send fax, voice, or SMS communications.

Starting a new business

Fax, SMS, and voice gateway to enhance your applications.

If you are a developer, provider or integrator of business software, applications, websites or intranets we can enhance your systems by providing connectivity to our fax, voice, and mobile gateways. Our gateways can provide access to the following automated messaging;

  • Receiving a fax as PDF or TIFF
  • Sending fax messages.
  • Automatically answering calls and capturing voice messages as an audio file.
  • Dialling phone numbers with pre-recorded voice announcements.
  • Sending SMS messages

Our automated messaging solutions will enhance your system by:

  • Speeding up the business process by automating certain communications channels.
  • Improve document management by capturing faxes electronically.
  • Link fax, voice and SMS correspondence with email.

Our gateways can be accessed through range of APIs (Application Interface Programming) which include:

  • Email Transport (SMTP)
  • HTTP Post/Get
  • Web Console Interface
  • Web from Post
  • Web service

All our APIs include easy to use documentation to connect your applications with our gateways and to be operating within the shortest possible time.

+ Office Network
+ Call Centre Agents

+ Mobile Workers

+ Enterprise Systems
+ Email Servers
+ Web Applications
+ Processing Applications
+ Accounting Applications
+ Document Management
Sales Enquiry
Everyday Business
  • Reduce costs of transactions.
  • Easy to use APIs to connect your apps.

Everyday Business

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