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Stay on the front with phone leads.


Phone Leads

A better way to handle phone leads as you will know where the call is coming from and messages taken when unavailable.

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What is the Icommo Interactive Number with 'Sales or Web Lead Whisper'?

A virtual phone number for your website or marketing campaigns.

Give your sales force or customer service operators the advantage and purchase a Interactive Number with the Sales Lead Whisper feature. The Sales Lead Whisper is a short pre-recorded message which advises call operators which marketing campaign the caller is responding to before the caller is transferred through to them.

Making a difference to your business:

  • Put your sales people and phone operators on the front foot.
  • Easily recognise a sales channel lead.
  • Track phone leads for particalur campaigns.
  • Track phone leads from your website.
  • No additional hardware or software required for set up.

Interactive Phone Number service includes:

  • Automatically transfer calls to any mobile or fixed phone line.
  • Voice message is automatically taken if unable to answer.
  • Receive voice messages into your email inbox.

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Interactive Phone Number

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