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  • + Lost faxes
  • + Busy fax lines
  • + Extra paper and toner
  • + Line rental fees
  • + Fax machines

Client Comment

The consumables on a fax machine are ridiculous. It is absolutely beautiful being able to fax directly from a PC.
Harley Harwood, Principal, Signtech.

Why Icommo?

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Local phone and email support.
  • Reliable and secure service.
  • Be up and running within minutes.
  • Guaranteed service for customer care.

Providing cost savings over the fax machine

It's a no-brainer. Every time I turned around my fax machine was costing me $100, I don't even know what Icommo costs me every month. And believe me, I usually know. You could pay for it out of petty cash.

Harley Harwood, Principal, SignTech.

A better way to send and receive faxes

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how we are going with the fax system. It has really made things easier in our office. Pages previously received on fax used to be scanned and then emailed to appropriate people. We now save this time and can simply email the fax as an attachment. I can pick up the faxes remotely on my laptop as well. This saves me time as I deal with a lot of overseas clients who work different hours to me. It also allows us to keep an electronic copy of everything which is a plus. Sending faxes through the system saves us time and paperwork too. The stats we get from your system allows me to keep track of how much we are sending and receiving and to where. It has been a real benefit to the office and I often recommend it to friends and associates.

Matthew Garvey, Four Corners Emigration Australian Head Office,

The Icommo virtual numbers have been excellent for our business with delivering faxes to our desktops plus answering any after-office-hours phone calls. The fact that we receive all faxes and voice messages into our email inbox makes it easy and allows us to receive messages outside the office. Thanks again for a cost effective and convenient service.

Simon De Rosa, Director, Webnetworks.

Fax solutions for the mobile worker

The service has been excellent and as my business is partly mobile the service has been invaluable from a time management point of view and kept me oganised!

Rory Murphy, Finance Broker.

Since using Icommo's fax service for approximately the last 2 years I have found the service to be the highest quality and very reliable. It solved a major issue for me as I need to be able to work from home as well as from my office and it has allowed me to reliably receive my faxes as emails in either location as well have a back up record of all faxes on my computer.

Malcolm Turner, Mortgage Consultant. 

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