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Save time and money with a reliable fax service. A wide range of plans. Upgrade and downgrade at anytime.

No more....

  • + Lost faxes
  • + Busy fax lines
  • + Extra paper and toner
  • + Line rental fees
  • + Fax machines

Proven Savings

Clear savings with a reduction in fax line rental fees and paper usage compared to a fax machine.

Why Icommo?

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Local phone and email support.
  • Reliable and secure service.
  • Be up and running within minutes.
  • Guaranteed service for customer care.

 Icommo delivering to business since 2003.

Plans PAYG
Biz 400
Monthly access fee $5.75 $14.95
Monthly allowance to receive 10 pages 200 pages
Monthly allowance to send 10 pages 200 pages
Additional fax pages receive $0.08
per page
per page
Additional fax pages send $0.12
per page
per page
Send a SMS (optional) $0.16
per text
per text
Fax number
Number of users to send fax Unlimited Unlimited
Online account
Local support

Other terms and conditions you need to know:

  1. All pricing is in Australian dollars and excludes GST
  2. Only successful fax pages are charged.
  3. A SMS message is billable every 156 characters.
  4. Minimum term is 3 months and then month to month.
  5. General Terms and Conditions
  6. Critical Information Summary

Plan Guide

  • PAYG is great for a business that sends or receives a couple of faxes per week.
  • Biz 400 is perfect for a business that receives and sends many faxes a day.

If you have a more complex requirements please call Sales or click here.

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Fax intensive

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