Desktop Fax Service l How it works?

Faxing made easy with no fax machine or fax software required. Easy as sending & receivng email.

No More....

  • + Lost faxes
  • + Busy fax lines
  • + Extra paper and toner
  • + Line rental fees
  • + Fax machines

Client Comment

The consumables on a fax machine are ridiculous. It is absolutely beautiful being able to fax directly from a PC.
Harley Harwood, Principal, Signtech.

Why Icommo?

  • Guarantee service
  • Local support
  • Reliable service
  • Quick set up

 Icommo delivering to business since 2003.

Receive a fax by email

Icommo will issue you a unique phone number that you can nominate as your fax number. The unique number can also sit behind a 1300 or 1800 number if you desire. Once you are issued this number, it will receive incoming faxes and deliver them to your email inbox as a TIFF or PDF file.

All faxes can be printed, stored on your network, and can be emailed onto third parties. As part of the fax delivery all faxes will receive call identification numbers (when available) and reference numbers (useful for internal databases).

As a business you have the ability to order a large batch of unique phone numbers that can be used for the main fax line or departmental, branch or mobile workers to receive incoming faxes. Plus all numbers can be administered under one umbrella.

Example of a fax delivered into your email inbox.

Receiving a fax via email

Send a fax by email

Icommo will permission your email address as user. Once you have been permissioned you can send a fax.

Sending a fax is simple as sending an email. All that you need to do is send an email to our server in a particular format and attach the document you want to send, and press send. Once sent you will receive a series of confirmations. The first confirmation will acknowledge you have submitted the fax correctly. The second will be a delivery notice.

Example of sending a fax via your email agent.

Sending a fax via email

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