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The consumables on a fax machine are ridiculous. It is absolutely beautiful being able to fax directly from a PC.
Harley Harwood, Principal, Signtech.

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 Icommo delivering to business since 2003.



Receiving faxes

Sending faxes

Is there a set up fee ?

There is no set up fee with the service.

Can I get my money back if I'm dissatisfied?

Yes you can. Icommo stands behind our products and offers a 7 day money back guarantee.

Can I upgrade plans if I find I have higher usage than expected?

Yes you can. Icommo aims to provide flexibility with its plan pricing to suit your business needs.

Do we need to install any new software or hardware?

No. As long you have email access you can receive faxes.

Can we use our current fax number?

Icommo is able to transfer your single fax numbers across to our network. However, we do recommend that you alert us at the sign up stage if a number transfer is required as there are certain criteria that need to be met.

Can the service manage multiple inbound faxes arriving at once?

Yes, and this is one of the big advantages of the service: it can handle many calls at once and eliminate the problem of clients and business partners receiving busy signals.

Is the service reliable?

Yes. The service is extremely reliable with a network uptime of 99.9%. Icommo has been delivering business grade service with service level guarantees for over 8 years.

When receiving faxes to the email inbox, in what format are the files delivered?

Fax documents are delivered to your email inbox as either PDF or TIFF file attachments.

Can faxes be delivered to more than one email address?

Yes. You can assign another three email addresses in addition to the primary email address.

How long does it take for the fax to be delivered to my email inbox?

The fax will be delivered into your email inbox within a minute of its receipt.

Can Icommo provide secure fax delivery?

Icommo can provide encryption of your inbound faxes so that a password is required before the attachment can be opened. In addition to encryption, Icommo has a variety of ways in which we ensure secure delivery of your faxes. Please give us a call on 02 8905 9500 if you wish to discuss this further.

Can we upgrade to a higher plan at later date?

If you find your incoming fax usage is more intensive than anticipated, you can upgrade to a more cost effective plan at any time.

Can I send faxes to 1300/1800 numbers?

Yes. There is no problem sending faxes to 1300 or 1800 numbers as our network is located in Australia and not overseas.

Can I send a fax that is heavy in graphics and/or text?

Yes. A fax which is heavy in graphics and/or text can be sent. However, be aware that the transmission time increases when you send documents that are heavy in graphics. Graphics generate greyscale which takes longer to transmit.

Can there be more than one e-mail address allocated to use the outbound faxing and SMS service?

Yes. You can register as many email addresses as you like with no extra charges. The monthly access fee is unlimited.

Can we insert our own fax cover sheet?

Yes. Icommo can upload your signature coversheet for automatic insertion when you send faxes. This eliminates time previously spent composing coversheets for traditional faxes.

I would prefer our faxes be sent without a fax coversheet attached?

Your account manager can change this for you or you can amend this via your web-based self-service account.

What type of documents can I fax?

There is a wide range of documents that you can fax, including:
For a more comprehensive list request a copy of the Outbound Fax User Guide.

Are we able to receive daily reports of fax transmissions detailing successful and unsuccessful deliveries?

Yes. Icommo can set up the account so that you automatically receive daily reports of successful and unsuccessful faxes sent.

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