Procedures for Local Number Porting (LNP) of single Australian Phone or Fax Numbers


This information provides the correct procedures to successfully transfer a local phone number across to the Icommo messaging platform allowing you to keep your existing phone number and receive extra functionality, such as, fax to email, voice to email and call transfer.


  1. You must complete and signed a 'Request for Local Number Porting for Single Number'. This form can be requested in the sign up process and once complete please fax back to 02 8905 9501.
  2. Icommo will check all criterions are met for a successful port to be submitted.
  3. Once all criterions are met, Icommo will submit a request for transfer. When submitted the porting process will commence and can take up to 10 to 15 business days to complete.
  4. Icommo will alert you to the day of the port and expected time. On the day of the port there will be a disruption to the service, which could last up to one hour.
  5. Once ported Icommo will send a successful confirmation.
  6. For an unsuccessful port the service will be returned to present carrier and will have opportunity to retry, as the lifetime of the transfer agreement is 30 days.

Successful criterion for an easy transfer

  1. The phone number is on the correct telephone network.
  2. Icommo has the correct client details with existing telephone carrier.
  3. The phone number does not have:
    1. a share ADSL data connection
    2. enhanced services
    3. or part of a line hunt rotary or Direct-In-dial (DID) group

Reasons for unsuccessful transfer request

  1. The number is not on the correct telecommunications carrier's network.
  2. Incorrect client account details with existing carrier.
  3. Number is part of line hunt or rotary group.
  4. The number is part of Direct-In- Dial (DID) range of numbers. This is usually with numbers that are part of a PABX system and connected to an ISDN link
  5. Enhance services on the phone number.These include:
    1. Call barring
    2. Siteline
    3. Exchange Based Call Diversion
    4. Enhanced Faxstream
    5. EFTPOS connection
  6. The phone number shares an ADSL service.
  7. The number is part of Faxstream or a fax duet service.

Actions that can reverse a unsuccessful transfer request

  • If the phone line has an ADSL services on it, you can still port the services but will lose ADSL service if they choose to continue with the port. Alternatively, installed another phone connection for the ADSL service, and then transfer the service.
  • Remove enhance services from the phone number.
  • Inform icommo of enhance services on the phone number , and a complex port can be submitted.This will incur extra costs (see below) and will take up to 30 to 40 business to complete.

Things you need to know

  • With the legal lessee rights of the phone number, the rights will remain with you and you are able to port the number away at a later date.
  • The cost porting a phone number is $65.00 (excl. GST) per number for simple port and $150.00 (excl.GST) for a Complex Port.
  • You need to be aware that when transferring the phone number they are still liable for any minimum term contract obligations they have with the carrier that we are porting away from.
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