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Corporate solutions for fax, voice, and messaging.

Delivering automated messaging in fax, voice, and SMS since year 2003.



Icommo provide voice, fax, and SMS communication services that allow enterprise to avoid large capital outlays and deploy services on-demand.

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Considering a smarter enterprise fax solution.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions.

  • Are you fax intensive?
  • Do you send faxes manually?
  • Are your fax lines busy at the wrong time?
  • Are faxes being misplaced or lost?
  • Are there too many fax machines within the business?
  • Do you have remote workers that need to send and receive faxes?
  • Do you want go to a paperless faxing office environment?
  • Want to send and receive fax by email?

Corporate Fax Service can generate up to 90 % cost savings and allow you to deploy a desktop faxing service across your entire business with no hardware or software required. Support and redundancy is included with the service.

Backup options for your fax communication channels

Your fax machine has broken down or the fax line has become suddenly busy. The Icommo Corporate Fax Service can provide the perfect back up while you are having your fax machine repaired. It can also act as an overflow option for when your fax lines become busy due to a large fax taking up the fax line and not allowing other urgent faxes to come through.

Backup options for your voice communication channels

Phone lines are down and need to answer calls. One Number Contact Service can act as a call management recovery service by handling inbound calls when your phone system is down. The One Number Service can handle calls by directing calls to other phone lines or automatically take a voice messages with email delivery. The service can be easily access online, enabling you to change the settings either in or out of the office.

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