Corporate Desktop Fax Service

Delivering fax as a service with all the benefits of electronic faxing included in the service.


Smart Fax Communication.

Icommo provides a reliable corporate desktop fax service which can help accelerate the pace of your everyday business transactions.

When incorporated into your daily business operations, Icommo's fax services and features:

+ Expedite the faxing process
+ Streamline internal document management
+ Secure your workflow by offering Disaster Recovery Options

Receive a fax

Capture faxes electronically with Icommo's smart delivery modes.

Icommo's Corporate Fax Service enables your business to automatically receive faxes and convert them into an electronic format. No more paper. No more lost documentation. Reduced material costs.

Flexible delivery modes to optimise your business applications.

+ Fax to email- Fax files are converted to PDF or TIFF file attachments for delivery to up to 4 email addresses.
+ Fax to FTP - Faxes can be delivered directly to an external FTP site as a TIFF file. This makes it easy to transfer faxes to your business application without congesting your email server.
+ Multi-page or Single Page - Faxes can be delivered as either multi-page or single page documents. This can assist OCR and document management software.
+ DID (Direct Inward Dial) Routing- A pool of numbers can be provided to receive faxes and deliver them in turn to a corresponding application, a public or private folder, department or person in the organisation for immediate and efficient processing. The Icommo network provides the flexibility of 45 phone districts within Australia.
+Encryption- Faxes can be zipped and password protected before they are delivered via email or to a FTP site.
+ Autofax Responder.- This feature automatically sends a return fax acknowledgement when a fax is received by your organisation. This reduces administrative support time spent responding to outside phone calls to confirm fax delivery while maintaining customer service and confidence in your organisation.

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Send a fax

Enable your business or desktop applications to send faxes automatically.

Easy to use email instructions - By sending an email containing your fax to Icommo's Fax Gateway, you can automatically fax a range of documents. Eliminate manual faxing. No more paper. Reduced costs.
A wide range of documents can be faxed through the gateway: .DOC/ .RTF/ .TXT/ .HTM/.HTML/ .TIF/.PDF/. JPG / .BMP / .XLS.
Smart Email Functions - Through a series of email functions you can add reference identifications, re-send faxes, cancel fax transmissions and customise fax delivery. You can also easily retrieve back reports of fax distributions including: date and time of transmission, reference IDs, number of faxes as well as successful or unsuccessful deliveries.
Cover Sheets- Icommo enables you to upload your own personalised cover sheets and automatically merge the contents of your email into the fax coversheet. Eliminates time spent on composing cover sheets for fax transmission.

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