Icommo Paper - When should a business utilise a 1300 and 1800 numbers?


What are 1300/1800 Numbers?

1300 or 1800 numbers provide your existing and prospective clients with the cheapest means of making contact with your organisation over the phone. Calls to these numbers are cheaper than those made to fixed or mobile phone lines. They are so cost effective for the callers because the cost is absorbed by the organisation who has purchased the number.

Just to distinguish between the two, a 1300 number means that wherever the call may come from, a caller pays only the cost of a local call. For an 1800 number, there is no call cost for the caller. There are charges for the caller when the call is made from a mobile phone number.

Should I consider a 1300/1800 number for my business?

Your organisation stands to benefit from owning a 1300 or 1800 number in the following three scenarios:

1. Marketing campaigns are a large component of your business operation.
2. Customer service needs to be economically efficient for your clients.
3. Broadening your customer reach is a business priority.

1.Marketing campaigns are a large component of your business operation.

1300/1800 numbers are advantageous for businesses which regularly conduct marketing campaigns through media or direct marketing channels.

No one wants to be outlaying costs for marketing if no one is responding to the campaigns and generating the extra business you are chasing. 1300 and 1800 numbers encourage a response from your target markets as they provide such a cost effective means of making contact. This in turn justifies your ongoing investment in marketing campaigns and activities. Additionally, you can measure the performance of your marketing campaigns by analysing call reports generated at the time of the activity. These reports provide you with information to determine whether the campaign had any impact and the regions where it generated the most interest.

2.Customer service needs to be economically efficient for your clients.

A 1300/1800 number can give your business the competitive edge by offering clients the most cost effective means of contacting your business over the phone. Typical areas of the business where you can make this service available to improve customer satisfaction are help or support desks and order and service desks. Apart from client satisfaction, the call-reporting feature can also assist with staff planning to service client inquiries during peak times and after hours.

3.Broadening your reach is a business priority.

1300/1800 numbers donít tie you and your organisation to a location. If it is a priority to extend your reach to markets right around Australia (or internationally), a 1300/1800 number can support a national campaign for your business or a specific product or service.

When not to consider it:

A If locality or the "grass-roots" aspect of your organisation is integral your business, these numbers are not for you. A 1300 or 1800 diffuses your local presence so if your core business is generated in a specific geographic region and local know-how is important, a 1300/1800 number would not be recommended.

Can Icommo Help with 1300/1800 numbers?

Yes, Icommo can provide 1300 /1800 numbers for you and we can make your existing 1300 /1800 numbers work smarter for you by offering intelligent call routing options tailored especially to suit your organisation

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