Virtual Office and Remote Worker Toolkit

Virtual Office Tool Kit

Icommo Enabling worker flexibility and cost effective expansion

New technologies mean that employers and employees can form working arrangements where work can be done away from the office, businesses can be set up in the home and working hours can be flexible.

This flexibility has been found to generate higher levels of productivity, new business opportunities and foster positive and enduring working relationships

Using Icommo's communications solutions to employ and set up remote workers, you can cost effectively equip your organisation to expand your reach into new territories right around Australia. There is no change to your business set up and no compromise on service.

If planning to expand into new regions or recruit remote workers, Icommo has two simple products to help you on your way:

+ Desktop Fax Service
+ One Number Service

What can they provide for your business?

l Total flexibility
Receive and send fax messages anywhere, anytime. Complete working flexibility for workers on the move.
Do away with fax machines and the expensive consumables that come with them.

l Expand without feeling the growing pains
Same day set up. No additional software, hardware, telephone lines or telecommunication facilities required.
No configuration.
From day one the service is provided at optimum level.No risk with configuration delays.
On Demand. Scaling and capacity issues are taken care of by Icommo. You can add numbers or users at any time and have the capacity for high usage.

l Be in control of your account
Icommo equips you with a web-based account so you can autonomously manage and update phone numbers, create welcome messages, manage phone diversions and other features. There is no need to go through a customer service representative to ensure your system is working for you.

Desktop Fax Service

Send and receive faxes in or out of the office.

For as little as $5.75 per month, you won't even feel the cost of having a new person on the ground in a new region. But you will absolutely feel the benefits. The Deskstop Fax Service is suited to businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is cost effective for a one-person show or a large corporation.

By setting your remote and off-site workers up with a desktop fax service, they will be able to send faxes from and receive faxes to their email inbox. You won't need to invest in a clunky fax machine or absorb any associated set up or faxing costs.

There is absolutely NO change to the communications operations of your organisation. Simply by purchasing a fax number, transmissions are converted into TIFF or PDF file attachments which are then delivered to the designated email account.

The Desktop Fax Service can be integrated with any desktop application that allows you to send or receive email.

Streamlined communication. A cost effective means of enabling business expansion. No more paper or fax material wastage. Improved workflow.

Desktop Fax Service Cost Savings

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One Number Service

A mobile number that clients want to call.

Icommo's One Number Service is a multi-functional single local phone number which is ideal for your fleet of remote workers, sales force or project managers who are out on the road driving your business. The One Number Service means that incoming phone calls can be:

+ diverted to a mobile phone number or
+ diverted to a voicemail service.

Icommo's One Number Service also recognises incoming fax signals, automatically diverting modes to accept the transmissions and deliver them straight to the designated email inbox Voice messages are converted to audio files and fax messages are converted to PDF or TIFF files.

One Number Service -Phone and Fax all  in one

From as little as $6.50 a month, the One Number Service enables your remote workers to have high connectivity and to represent your business professionally.

There is no longer any need for them to be interrupted by an incoming phone call during face-to-face or over the phone meetings. With the One Number Service you can rest assured that all potential business opportunities are captured via messaging.

NB Even without a team of remote workers, you can still purchase a local number which can be diverted to existing customer care centres, ensuring that your net for winning business opportunities is cast far and wide without your resources being spread too thin.

l Smart Call Routing with your One Number Service

Managed via your Icommo web based account, you can also implement Smart Call Routing options to direct incoming call activity:

Divert incoming client calls to alternative answering points if the designated answering point is not responding or is busy.
Route calls to alternate answering points or voicemail services depending on the time of day (Time based routing).

2 .
A potential call set up scenario:
Incoming Call to Remote Worker's One Number Service
02 89XX XXXX ( Selection of 45 Phone Districts within Australia)
Online set up for your Icommo account:
9.00am-5.00pm Calls come in directly to office phone line.
Divert to alternative customer representatives if busy or unanswered.
Divert to voicemail if unanswered or busy.
5.00-6.00pm Divert to remote workers' mobile phone number.
6.00pm-9.00am Divert directly to voicemail service

These routing options can be changed in an instant by logging on and amending your web-based account.

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