Managed Virtual Auto Attendant and PABX

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What is the Icommo Virtual Auto-Attendant and PABX?

A contact number that will allow the caller to be directed to the right person or department within your business. The auto-attendant will provide easy options for the caller to go straight through to the right person in your business.

Additionally people within your business can have the ability to transfer the call to another person within the group, or switch to voicemail if they are unavailable to take the call.

Add extensions to the main contact phone number to allow for direct-in-dials extensions for people and departments. Plus, extensions can receive voice and fax messages and deliver them to a designated email address.

Making a difference to your business:

  • Resolve clients enquiries with the first point of contact resolution.
  • Reduce call handling costs.
  • Enable employees can work in remote locations.
  • Provide easy to use support channel for your products and services.
  • No additional hardware or software required with set up.

This solution is perfect for the following:

  • Starting a new business.
  • A virtual business.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Provide back office support.
  • Have dedicated a sales enquiry or ordering line.

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Virtual Auto Attendant and PABX

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