Unified Communication Services for Business

Combining telecommunication channels together to make business communication easier.


Unified Service

Icommo unified communication solutions are delivered as a managed service with support and redundancy included in the service.

Unified Communications

Combining voice, fax, SMS and email into one phone number

The One Number Contact Service can provide your business a virtual contact phone number to receive voice and fax calls and link voice, fax, and text messages to your email adddres.

Linking fax and email communications

Automatically receive faxes to your email inbox as PDF or TIFF file and easily send file attachments from your email address as a fax with Desktop Fax Service. A virtual Australian fax number is included in the service.

Linking voicemail and email communications

Have all your voice mail messages forwarded to your email inbox as an audio file with Voicemail Anywhere. The service includes extra options to retrieve message via phone or receive SMS Notifications that a voice message is waiting to be retrieved.

Linking SMS and email communications

Easily send SMS message from email address with Desktop SMS Service. There are easy options to send a group SMS or a broadcast SMS.

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