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One number for
phone, fax, and mobile communication...
A phone number to
boost your business image

+ Call 1800 701 502
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Managed Service l One Number Contact

One Number Contact - A mobile number that your clients want to call

One Number that is ideal for your business: receive phone calls anywhere, anytime, and have voice messages delivered to your email inbox. This same number can receive faxes and deliver them into your email inbox, providing a convenient way to receive faxes and do away with extra phone line rental fees and fax consumables.

This Unfied Communication solution is excellent for mobile workers, home office or a virtual business and want a mobile number that your clients want to call you on and reach you anywhere anytime.

One phone number making a difference to your business

+ Boost your business image
+ A mobile phone number that your clients want to call
+ A better way to manage phone calls
+ Calls answered 24/7
+ Phone, Fax, and Mobile number all-in-one
+ A phone number with no boundaries
+ Easy to use and no extra set up costs
Unified Communication for voice, fax, email & SMS messaging
Great Features Included:

+ Web-based account to change welcome messages,emails, and phone settings
+ Time of day routing to handle calls.
+Change settings via the phone
Icommo One Number - Virtual Office Phone 			Number for voice & fax communications

One Number
Key features 
Phone Districts 
How it works? 
Web-based account 
Pricing & FAQs 

Starting at
$6.50 per month
a phone and fax line

 Save on line rentals

+ Professionally 
   recorded messages
+ Desktop faxing
   and sms

ease of one number


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