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Icommo Enhancing your marketing campaigns.

Icommo provides new channels through which to reach your target market and new ways to boost your direct marketing and online campaigns.

Icommo offers five simple and cost effective ways for you to make a bigger marketing splash:

  • Interactive Numbers with'Sales Lead Whisper'
  • 1300/1800 Numbers
  • Broadcasting Services
  • Local Numbers
  • Lead Capture

Interactive Phone Numbers with 'Sales Lead Whisper'

Put your operators on the front foot with this market leader.

Give your sales force or customer service operators the advantage and purchase an Icommo Interactive Number with the Sales Lead Whisper feature. The Sales Lead Whisper is a short pre-recorded message which advises call operators which marketing campaign the caller is responding to before the caller istransferred through to them. For more INFO

1300/1800 Numbers

Encourage a response from your target market and measure your campaign’s impact.

By incorporating 1300 or 1800 numbers into your marketing campaigns, you provide your target market with an incentive to respond. These tollfree numbers are the cheapest means of making return contact with your organisation over the phone or via fax.

With your number, you can also employ intelligent call routing features which ensure that customers speak to the best contact person within your organisation from the word ‘go’. For example, you can ensure a familiarity or common ground between the customers and call operators by synergising calls according to region.

With 1300/1800 numbers you can also measure the effectiveness of your marketing investment.

1300/1800 Number Call Reports track:

  • the time of the call
  • the region of the call and provide caller ID
  • the operator who took the call
  • he duration of the call.
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This way you can observe where and when your campaign has had its biggest impact. Any unanswered calls can also be managed by a voicemail service with a professionally recorded message. For optimum convenience, voicemails are then delivered to your email inbox as an audio file.

1300/1800 Numbers

Free your organisation from being tied to a specific location and extend your reach.

When working in conjunction with a good looking and good working website, 1300 and 1800 Numbers can help make your small or medium sized operation look like big business. They free you from being tied to a specific location, helping widen your reach and generate business opportunities in new regions within Australia and across the Tasman to New Zealand. You don’t even need to have an on-ground presence there

Broadcasting Services

Reach wide with fax, sms and voice broadcasting direct from your desktop.

Fax Broadcasting enables you to send campaign documents directly from your PC desktop and reach a large number of recipients quickly and easily. It is a great mode of communication because it is so simple, so fast and you save time and money while you do it. There is no need to find someone to punch in thousands of numbers to your fax machine and no chance of lost or mixed up pages.

Fax broadcasting is a cheaper option than 'snail mail', delivery happens within hours instead of days and the document still arrives in a hard copy format on the desk of your contact rather than in an email inbox 'to be read later'.

SMS Broadcasting provides an effective channel through which to reach recipients with a quick alert to their mobile phone. SMS broadcasting is ideal for quick response notifications which prompt immediate action, sending campaign alerts which direct customers to a website and reminders of competition draws, special offer closing dates and event reminders.

Voice Broadcasting. Make direct contact with your customer base by calling and delivering a prerecorded voice message to them over the phone. Stay in contact and in mind with your customers in a way that is off page and away from the screen.Through voice broadcasting you can deliver timely information, advice on industry trends, service reminders, billing notifications and welcome new clients to your business.

Voice broadcasting can also be great PR for the right product by generating talkability and is destined to keep your brand at the top of your customers' minds. You can also create broadcasts which entice a customer response to your call centres, generating further business opportunities in turn.

Local Phone Numbers

Narrow your target to a specific region.

Local numbers have a familiarity about them and when the grass-roots aspect of your organisation is attractive to your clients, Icommo can provide them. If conducting campaigns in Perth, you can set up a Perth number for your recipients or if targeting a regional centre such as Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, you can set up a local number there as well.

Local numbers are attractive to businesses whose workflow is traditionally generated within their local community such as gardening businesses, waste management, electricians and handymen, carpet cleaners and so on. In reality, your organisation may or may not have a physical presence in the locality. If not, the call to the local number is transferred to your nominated fixed line (in any region) or mobile phone. If the call goes unanswered, a voice message can be taken.

Lead Capture

Capture all business opportunities with voice to email and fax to email delivery.

With 1300/1800 and local numbers, Icommo can set up a system which automatically captures any phone call or fax responses and delivers them straight to your email inbox. This way your can run campaigns anywhere, anytime and know that you won't miss any business opportunities. Moreover, all responses are delivered to the one single place for perfect filing harmony: your PC desktop.

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