Managed Desktop Fax Service

An electronic fax and paperless fax solution for your business. Bin the fax machine and link your email to fax.

No more....

  • + Lost faxes
  • + Busy fax lines
  • + Extra paper and toner
  • + Line rental fees
  • + Fax machines

Client Comment

The consumables on a fax machine are ridiculous. It is absolutely beautiful being able to fax directly from a PC.
Harley Harwood, Principal, Signtech.

Why Icommo?

  • Guarantee service
  • Local support
  • Reliable service
  • Quick set up

 Icommo delivering to business since 2003.

What is Icommo Desktop Fax Service?

An easy to use fax-to-email and email-to-fax service. No fax machine or fax software required. Includes an Australian fax number if required. Start saving and be up running within minutes.

Faxes can be received with your Icommo fax number.

Fax-to-Email & Email-to-Fax service

Faxes are delivered automatically by email as TIF or PDF attachment.

Send faxes as email attaching the document to be faxed. Fax coversheets are automatically inserted.

Fax-to-email and email-to-fax making a difference to your business:

  • Big savings on phone line rental, fax toner, and paper.
  • Fax documents automatically captured electronically as PDF or TIF file.
  • Send and receive fax inside or outside the office.
  • Easy to use, just like sending and receiving email.

Icommo Desktop Fax Service includes:

  • Selecting a fax number online or bring your own.
  • Online account to change fax settings and users.
  • Up to four email addresses can receive the delivery of the same fax messages.
  • Quality of service is not compromised by data connection or IP Fax compatibility.
  • Secure delivery of fax messages with email encryption.
  • On demand reporting for sent and received faxes.

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